Saturday, 17 October 2009

An explanation for this exposition...

These are my first few baby steps towards blogging. I'm creeping out from under my rock and squinting at the sun while I begin to fathom how I'll catch up with all those who crawled out years ago when I was still plugging my ataris joystick into the back of the telly.

I suppose one should begin every journey running, then slow down to a more maintainable pace and eventually sit down on a train and eat a sandwich while you let the wheels do the hard work...that metaphor got away from me a bit.

What I mean is, I will begin by bombarding your faces with stuff I have lying around. Give each a charming preface (so I can imagine that I'm being published in a penguin classic range - spunk*gasp*sweat*wipe) to put them in context. Then I'll slow down a lot so that I can get used to the idea. Hopefully I'll keep it all nice and regular. Eventually...right, now i have to work out the train metaphor...I'll get so used to it that it won't feel like an effort and I will zoom from London to Leeds (in word-miles which i believe are 1000words to 100miles...or something. I lost my Schott's Almanac) in mere minutes!

Yours Sincerely (or however your wish to recieve me)
Joseph S Nockles

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  1. Very strange! Another Nockles has recently moved to Brighton! Maybe it's like a unconscious gathering similar Highlander (There can be only one!) I'll keep my sword near by! (Don't read too deeply into that)