Saturday, 17 October 2009

Unfinished Poem #1


Major context inducing time! I have recently met a gentleman who has transformed my life. I could write about him for hours but I think there are only two people who would enjoy reading that.

I recently got into a discussion about romantic poetry and became attatched to the idea that "a love poem fails as soon as it uses the word 'love'". I was tempted to agree, but undecided. However, I was inspired.

The story of me meeting my husband, friend and keeper isn't at all romantic. So I decided I wanted to tell it. The problem was that I set myself up with a ridiculous pattern of alliteration, emphasis and rhythm and gave up on it quickly.

This is what I produced:

Ode to Bacchus

The subtle supple simple slut bounded up
and bound their fate by binding their lips
so luscious lithe and liquored that
in the morn, the names they moaned
were guesses.

[potential intermediate verses]

The amnesia-d amnesty in the arms
Of a semi-anonymous, amicable assailant
preserved a piece of peace
in their pierced plexus,
Solar or otherwise.


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