Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Women In My Life #1

For some reason I feel like, "Now have a custard fucking cream, and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" is directed right at me. Like Julie's personally telling me off. From then on in, I just calm down and enjoy.

God, she's a legend.

Bloggin' hell, I appear to have gotten carried away!

Bit of an announcement.

I've decided to split my blogs. This one will stay as it has been, a place for general comment, story telling...basically, the bit where I can be a bit disgusting and my thoughts can be a bit half-baked. I'm probably going to put most of my efforts into my newer project though. You see, I'm currently diving head first into the world of journalism and I need somewhere to practise and showcase my serious, more professionally directed work.

I was told recently that I could do to choose a specialist area on which to focus my writing. "That's great" I said, "I'll write about the arts". "What? All of them?" asked the lecturer, baffled. "well, yes," was my reply. I then went on to explain that I believe that "no art is an island" and that music is more successful when there is an element of theatre to it, Lady Gaga's next album would be nothing if it weren't for Hedi Slimane's artwork.

It was then that I came up with the idea of CONglamourART!! It's a forum for me to showcase and writing on the arts. Ideally it would focus on instances when different creative practices are fused together at once, but in reality it will be a mash of lots of arts writing. I have a nice idea that at some I'd like an opera review to be followed by a review of a stripper...but i seem to have quit leaving the house...